04) Configure the Raspberry Pi

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There are a few things that we need to set up as part of the basic configuration of the Raspberry Pi. For this I prefer to use the GUI interface connected remotely to the Pi from my PC.

In the menu display you should see Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration. Click on this will display a configuration display.

The other method is to use the Raspberry Pi configuration utility from a Terminal by entering:

sudo raspi-config

This has slightly more advanced features that you may want to modify.

Change the Pi Password

Change the password for the default user name of pi to something else to improve the level of security.

Change the hostname

Change to something more suitable such as ‘webserver’.

Check the Interfaces settings

Go to the interface tab and check that all the interfaces are disabled.

I tend to use the Remote Desktop connection, but if you use SSH make sure that SSH is enabled.

Update your local settings

Make sure that your location and time zone are set appropriately.

Save the configuration and reboot

Make sure that the changes are saved, and reboot the Raspberry Pi.

You can reboot the Raspberry Pi from the Terminal using:

sudo shutdown -r now

or reboot using:

sudo reboot

or just shutdown using:

sudo shutdown -h now

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