05) Connect the Raspberry Pi to your network and router

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Now that the we have installed Raspbian and have completed the basic configuration we can now finish off connecting to your router.

First, connect the network to the Raspberry Pi and do an update by entering:

sudo apt-get update

Then do an upgrade by doing:

sudo apt-get upgrade

We can now set up the network so that the Raspberry Pi uses a fixed IP address which does not change when the router is rebooted.

First find the MAC address and IP address of your Raspberry Pi using the command:


The MAC address is a unique number assigned to network interfaces – it is a network address and we can use it to link to an IP address.

The MAC address will look something like: b8:27:eb:ad:31:3c
The IP address will look something like:

Once you have the MAC and IP address you need to log into your router. Somewhere in the menu system, you should be able to find devices on your network. This will of course depend on your router and you may have to find the documentation for it. Your router should show the Raspberry Pi with its hostname, IP address and MAC.

If you always refer to your Raspberry Pi with a hostname, it will not matter if the IP address changes.

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